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Welcome to our new site!

Trombly Gardens has been very busy of late! From opening the ice cream windows to expanding the store stock and preparing the greenhouse plants for sale, we are on the go. The webstore has been under construction for a few months now. We are delighted to offer this additional option to involve our customers in purchasing fresh local foods, while also giving you a glimpse into life at the farm. Here in the blog, we will provide insight into the growing season, our animals, the staff, products, and processes. One of the first tasks is building a Frequently Asked Questions list. Here are just a few FAQs we've received about the web store. Q. How long will it take for my order to be ready for pickup or delivery?A. That will depend on product availability, volume of orders, and staffing. We are committed to a 2-day turnaround from order to completion, excepting Friday orders, which may not be available until Monday. However, same-day processing could happen if time allows. Please be patient while we establish best practices for customers and staff.Q. How can I communicate special instructions regarding my online order?A. There's a box for that! Please use the "Notes" field when placing your order.Q. What if I only want (3) bananas? They are sold by the pound.A. Just enter (1) in the quantity field and add a note specifying your custom quantity. Q. Will my order be ready faster if I call it in?A. No. All orders, whether phone or online, will be packed in the order in which they are received.Q. Where are the prepared foods? I don't see any selections in the web store.A. Something is always cooking in the Trombly's kitchen! Because foods are created based on which products are in stock on any given day, it's difficult to say what will be available and when. For that reason, we are opting to omit them from the online store. Please come by, email, or call to discover what's cooking. You can count on these regulars: Seafood chowder is always featured on Fridays, and on Saturdays we have baked beans.Q. What is the charge for delivery?A. Orders under $50 have a $20 delivery fee. Orders over $50 include free delivery.Please add your questions to the comments below, and thanks for growing with us!