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2024 Farm Program Information Packet

Our Operation: Trombly Gardens is a fourth-generation family farm, nestled just out of Downtown Milford, New Hampshire. The land has been farmed since 1950 and has a very diverse history making it a perfect example of New England agriculture. Stanley Trombly started the operation as Sunny Prairie Farm and concentrated mainly on poultry, like many farms in New England before making the leap to a Holstein dairy farm. The family milked cows until 2001 before making the tough decision it was time for the family farm to move into the next chapter. Today, Trombly Gardens grows quality fruits and vegetables using Integrated Pest Management as well as a natural approach to many of our crops. Our high standards have made us a leader in sustainable agriculture. We have remained tied to our roots in raising animals; today pasture-raising cattle and hogs. It is important to our family that our livestock live on untreated green pastures with room to roam the outdoors in a clean and healthy environment. Having a diverse family farm allows us to be better stewards of the land. We use well composted manure from our own livestock as fertilizer, carefully watch over our crops to assess and use preventative measures, and even have a crop inspector come out weekly to monitor our fields for insects and soil-born diseases. If you have ever shopped our farm stand or been a member of one of our programs, you have witnessed our hard work. All About the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) or “farm share” program is a relationship between a farm and its community. Community members can choose to invest a lump sum in the winter then return to the farm each week in the summer to receive their share of that week’s harvest. By becoming an invested “shareholder” you choose to support the farm financially in the winter when seeds and supplies need to be ordered, tractors need to be fixed and staff still need to be paid. Come the beginning of harvest, shareholders pick up their pre-paid shares once per week for approximately eighteen weeks and get to bring home all the freshest fruits and vegetables picked for them by our hard-working crew. A CSA is a great opportunity to eat seasonally, try different foods and feel a deep sense of connection to a local farm. CSA shareholders learn to love what a New England harvest has to offer and get to stretch their creative cooking muscles as the weekly box dictates their dinner menu. This can be great fun and CSAs have become more popular each and every year. Three different base size shares are available as well as additional add-on options to suit your needs. CSA Base Share Options: We are offering three different share options for the upcoming season, an Individual or “Mini” sized share, standard share, and a family share. All shares will be distributed outdoors at our farm located at 150 North River Road in Milford and run approximately eighteen weeks, generally starting in mid-June and running into October. *Please note that this year in response to feedback desiring more choice, we will not be pre-boxing shares. Shareholders will come to the CSA tent where they will find all the items for that week set up like an outdoor farmers’ market with a board listing which items are included in each share size that week. Some choice items will be included to allow more flexibility (for instance “choose two squash or two zucchini” or choose “a bunch of kale or swiss chard”, etc). Depending on your “shopping style” please budget anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes to gather your share. Shareholders are asked to bring their own reusable shopping bags in which to bring home their shares.

□ Our Individual “Mini” Share option is our smallest share size. ($499)

□ Our Standard Share is our most popular choice and is on average about a half bushel of produce. It will include produce that would supply a small family or couple who likes to cook for the week. This is a great share to begin with if you are new to a CSA. ($749)
□ Our Family Share is our largest share option. This choice also gives you a great variety of what the season has to offer but in a larger quantity than our standard share. This option is equivalent to a full bushel’s worth of produce and gives you a larger selection of some of your favorites. This option is perfect for larger families or people who really love to cook. ($1099)

CSA Share pickup day/time: There will be at least one weekday afternoon pickup option to accommodate the after-work crowd as well as one weekend morning pickup option. After you purchase your share, we will be in touch with you to coordinate your chosen pickup date. Please note that we ask shareholders to keep the same pickup day choice throughout the entire season. This being said, if you ever need to skip a week, you are welcome to send a friend or family member to pick up your share for you. If you are unable to send someone to pick up your share, we are happy to donate your share for that week to SHARE Outreach, Inc., Milford’s local food pantry. Please note that all unclaimed shares are put to good use and also donated to SHARE, Outreach after each distribution. CSA Add-on Options: Purchase one of the three base vegetable CSA options listed above, and you have exclusive access to the following add-on options: □ Egg Share: Add one dozen eggs for the duration of the eighteen-week CSA ($120) □ Fruit Share: We will do the hard work of sourcing the best local fruit from neighboring farms and orchards as well as from our own fields to provide a steady supply to you each week for the duration of the eighteen-week CSA. Shares most likely will include berries, apples, melons, pears, grapes and more. ($399) □ Flower Bouquet Share: Choose from one weekly handcrafted fresh-cut bouquet created by us from our own flower fields. *Please note that flower bouquet shares begin at a later date than the beginning of the CSA and will run through first frost. ($225) □ Canning & Freezing Share: Do you want to take your CSA to the next level? Do you love “putting up” food in your freezer or pantry to enjoy the fresh taste of summer in the winter? This is the add on for you. Dictated by the season’s abundance, receive a total of four surprise bushels-worth of additional bulk produce. Examples of this could include full or half bushel boxes of tomatoes, squash, zucchini, peppers, eggplant, corn, green beans, etc. ($160)

Farm Bucks: For some folks, the traditional CSA share might not be the right move. If you would still like to support the farm, but you like a bit more choice in your shopping style, our flexible “Farm Bucks” gift card program is a great fit. Farm Bucks still offers you a way to invest in the farm financially in the winter when seeds and supplies need to be ordered, tractors need to be fixed and staff still need to be paid. Then come April 1st, your farm bucks card is ready for your use with a bonus loaded on to it as a thank you for supporting us through the winter. Load at least $150 on your card to get your bonus. The earlier you sign up for the Farm Bucks program, the more you save. □15% BONUS BUCKS if you sign up between December 1st and December 31st.□10% BONUS BUCKS if you sign up between January 1st and January 31st.□5% BONUS BUCKS if you sign up between February 1st and February 28th.

*Our Farm Share Fund: Join us in helping to provide discounted farm shares to local individuals and families in need during this difficult economic time. Contribute what you can at the time of filling out your CSA form. When CSA sign ups have ended, we will tally the total donated amount by the community and will work with SHARE Outreach, Inc. to be connected to local families and individuals. The goal is to offer as many Individual and Standard shares as we can to fill the need. If you, or someone you know could benefit from being a recipient of this discounted CSA share program, please feel free to reach out to Share Outreach, Inc. directly to express interest at 603-673-9898. The names of all interested parties will be kept confidential. *

Winter Box for 2024

Last year's winter CSA box was a success so we are doing it again.  It’ll be the same concept as before, your pickup will be conveniently scheduled right before the holiday in November and December (exact date TBD, will be in time for the holiday). You will receive a bushel box full of a farmer’s choice selection of fresh veggies and fruit! The shares will include all the New England seasonal favorites that typically make up a holiday meal like winter squash, potatoes, onions, root vegetables plus hopefully lots of tasty extras like greens, green beans, cranberries and more! Cash or Check payment preferred. Stop by the stand at 150 North River Rd in Milford ASAP to secure your spot! You can also sign up online.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE CHECK OUT PRICES HAVE A 3% CREDIT CARD FEE. You can pay at the store with cash or check with no fee.

Thank you for making our farm your source of local food and allowing us to keep our family tradition alive.
Trombly Gardens at Sunny Prairie Farm150 North River Road, Milford,

Questions? Feel free to email us at or call us at 603-673-0647. Thank you for your interest!

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