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Full year Large Meat Share

Full year Large Meat Share

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If you are interested in eating locally-raised meats raised by a family farm this program may be a great interest to you! This share allows you to get a sampling of beef and pork raised right here at Trombly Gardens. Depending on that month’s availability, shares may include all beef, all pork or a mix of both. We will give you a selection including steaks, burgers, ribs, bacon, sausage, roasts and more throughout the duration of the subscription.

Meat shares start on a rolling basis and are dependent on availability. Inquire any time of the year to sign up!

Full year large meat shares entitle you to twenty-five pounds of meat per pickup for twelve monthly pickups. 
Cost is $3346.00 to pay in person via cash or check / $3446.38 to pay now online

**More share sizes and lengths available. Email tromblygardens@gmail.com or call 603-673-0647 for more info!**